FREE workshop Arranging for Guitar

1:30pm, Sept 22nd, Dalton Room Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre (Upstairs)  

Length: 45mins  

"I thought it was absolutely impossible until I heard Derek do it" - John Williams

Arranging repertoire from the 21 string Kora to the 6 string classical guitar should be impossible! But Derek has figured out a very unique way to do this!

In this workshop Derek will discuss how he approaches arranging music, his transcription process, and how to effectively use capo's and altered tunings to maximise the guitar's capabilities.

Plus lots more!

BOOKINGS are not required, it will be available to all until the room is full :)

About Derek Gripper

Derek Gripper is a classical guitarist who has taken a unique path. As a South African classical musician he felt limited by the music of the traditional classical guitar and so went on a journey through different musical styles, returning always to the guitar to find ways of bringing what he learned onto the instrument.

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The venue:

Image: Eldon Hogan performing Arts Centre, Xavier College, Kew