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When? 7pm, August 3rd Where? Wyselaskie Auditorium, 29 College Crescent, Parkville

Only 120 seats available!

About this concert:

Touted as a “gifted young guitarist” by the New York Times, Mak Grgic is emerging as a star on the worldwide stage.

An expansive and adventurous repertoire attests to his versatility and wide-ranging interests: from the Baroque and Renaissance to music of the cinema; from ethnic music of his native Balkans to extreme avant-garde and microtonal music, Mak's extraordinary talents and tastes as soloist, collaborator, and recording artist are fueled by his curiosity, imagination, and boundless energy.

At the conclusion of the 60min concert, everyone is invited to join Mak for refreshments which include complimentary beer, wine and cheese thanks to our good friends at Dainton Beer and Delinquente Wine!