FREE workshop Memorisation Strategies 

2:30pm, Sept 21st, Dalton Room Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre (Upstairs)  

Length: 30mins  

Why is it whenever we perform under pressure, memory is often the first thing to unravel? 

Dr. Harold Gretton will share some of his very best tips and tricks to ensure that you leave this session armed with the tools to make your future performances memory bullet-proof!

This workshop is perfect for players of all abilities!

BOOKINGS are not required, it will be available to all until the room is full :)

About Harold Gretton

"During my studies with Tim Kain in Canberra and the Duo Melis in Strasbourg I was lucky to win a few competitions, which had me performing and giving classes all over Europe, the USA and of course Australia. I’ve also organised concert forays into south-east Asia, and I am keen to explore this region more.  

I love playing all sorts of music, perhaps one of the main advantages of being a guitarist. I always include something Australian in my concert programs. I’m particularly passionate about early to mid 19th century music, the so-called romantic guitar, as a result of my research interests during and after study. I get excited about composers like Sor, Coste, Mertz, Regondi and Legnani, and particularly enjoy opening audiences’ and students’ ears to the freedoms that can bring this music to life.  

My love of sharing the musical experience has lead me into a large number of different chamber music formations, from duos to septets, including the acclaimed guitar quartet Guitar Trek, the Duo Amythis with the wonderful Belgian guitarist Véronique van Duurling, and another duo with Australian flautist Lina Andonovska. I have tours planned with the Phoenix Trio, and a bunch of other collaborations planned for 2019.  

I like to compose, especially when I see the possibility of a performance. My works mainly include guitar, and don’t fit neatly into any particular style. I write music that I’d like to hear performed, and my tastes are varied."

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The venue:

Image: Eldon Hogan performing Arts Centre, Xavier College, Kew