Supercharge Your Instrumental Practice

A step-by-step course designed to guide you through 12 highly effective practice methods you can apply NOW to make the progress in your instrumental practice you have always wanted!

Course Dates: February 1 - February 26, 2021

Q. Is this course the same as your "Practice Bootcamp" weekend course?

A. No! Although the 12 methods taught are the same as our "Practice Bootcamp", the educational videos and content are brand new and unique, explaining each method in a different way.

We recommend this 4 week "Supercharge Your Instrumental Practice" course as a great follow-on to re-enforce the methods taught in the bootcamp.

You can also complete this course as a stand-alone product without doing the bootcamp.

For more information about the "Practice Bootcamp" in January please visit that separate course page by clicking HERE

Q. Is this course only for guitarists?

A. No! Although it is tailored towards guitarists, the methods taught can be applied to any instrument!

You will learn:

How to organise an effective and inspiring practice routine
How to quickly solve technical challenges
How to improve your memorization
How to clearly communicate and execute your musical interpretation
How to improve your sight-reading and rhythm skills
How to select the best fingering
How to manage your time, so not a single second of practice is wasted
How to maintain motivation
How to set and conquer realistic goals
How to NOT become overwhelmed, burnt-out and frustrated

Plus lots more!

Couldn't I do this on my own?

It's certainly possible to practice on your own. But having structured lessons can really help "Take it to the next level".

With a clear path and proven step-by-step method to follow, you will save time and frustration.

These 12 methods and the skills you will learn will help guide you for the rest of your musical life!

Nothing beats learning directly from an expert:
• Helps you achieve your best work
• Gives you accountability to actually complete your goals
• Can now be done online from the comfort of your own home
• Saves your time by learning from an experienced teacher

Meet Daniel.

Your teacher!

Hi, I'm Dan.
I love the classical guitar and am drawn to its unique array of colors and sounds. When I was young, my dad played at home a lot and started teaching me what he was playing - the first piece I learned was Spanish Romance and I loved it!

And now? I got my undergrad degrees in Melbourne and Doctor of Music in the USA. I've spent years researching old guitar methods to figure out the secrets of how musicians like Sor, Giuliani, Tarrega, Barrios, etc. thought about music and practiced their instrument. 

​In the process, this has unlocked many undiscovered techniques and models that give guitarists a platform and clear path to effective practice. Coupled with my experience as a concert artist, ​I hope these methods will empower you to practice and help bring new life to your guitar playing!

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Meet Michael.

Your co-ordinator!

Hi, I'm Michael.
I'm the one behind everything you see at the Melbourne Guitar Festival!

I organise a yearly concert series, an annual 3 day international guitar festival, plus educational courses and workshops!

I am also a professional musician myself, and play with the Melbourne Guitar Quartet!

The teaching method Daniel uses is just extraordinary, and his ability to break down the practice process in such a structured way, whilst retaining the individual musical freedom of each participant is second to none.

I can't recommend this highly enough, there is nothing else like this available anywhere!

Course Schedule Overview

All times listed are Australian Eastern Standard Time
You can use this timezone converter HERE to see what the equivalent time is for you!

All lessons are pre-recorded and will be released as per the schedule below.

Week 1:

Video lesson 1 (DIVIDE AND CONQUER): Monday, February 1st, 7pm
Video lesson 2 (PRACTICE AT THE SEAMS): Wednesday, February 3rd, 7pm
Video lesson 3 (MIX AND MATCH): Friday, February 5th, 7pm

Week 2:

Video lesson 4 (SLOW PRACTICE): Monday, February 8th, 7pm
Video lesson 5 (LOOPING): Wednesday, February 10th, 7pm
Video lesson 6 (THE 80:20 RULE): Friday, February 12th, 7pm

Week 3:

Video lesson 7 (LEFT HAND ONLY): Monday, February 15th, 7pm
Video lesson 8 (RIGHT HAND ONLY): Wednesday, February 17th, 7pm
Video lesson 9 (SEPARATE PARTS): Friday, February 19th, 7pm

Week 4:

Video lesson 10 (SING): Monday, February 22nd, 7pm
Video lesson 11 (RHYTHM): Wednesday, February 24th, 7pm
Video lesson 12 (VISUALISATION): Friday, February 26th, 7pm

What you Receive:

• LIFETIME ACCESS to 6 hours of pre-recorded lessons, diving deep into each practice method ​ ($120 value)
• Written course material including lesson summaries and tasks ($80 value)
• Access to a private forum for personalised feedback for participants ($100 value)
• 12 Practice Methods E-Book ($19.99 value)
• At the end of the course, a proven method to practice effectively! (Priceless)

Please note that all lessons are pre-recorded and not live. However, you can still access personalised and individual support in our private course forum!

That's OVER $300 (AUD) worth of value!
But you won't pay that much with our course

This isn't just about learning, but also producing:

Private tuition can cost $80 per hour or more

This course is only $13 per hour, plus you get additional personalised feedback in our private forum and written course materials

The private forum is an incredible resource, and by working alongside a supportive group of fellow students you get the additional benefit of group motivation and accountability.

You get a crazy amount of value, but most importantly: 
You'll have something to show for all the work

Additionally, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the course lectures and material, so you can revisit and re-watch as many times as you like!

So, how much?
This entire 4 week course is only AUD$80!!


Supercharge Your Instrumental Practice

A step-by-step course designed to guide you through 12 highly effective practice methods you can apply NOW to make the progress in your instrumental practice you have always wanted!

Course Dates: February 1 - February 26, 2021

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