Compositional Empowerment

Revolutionize the way you Think and Approach Composition

• Live 2 Hour Lecture
• PDF Materials
• Lifetime Access to Video Replay

Feb 3rd, 7pm - 9pm AEDT 2021

What do others say?

"Daniel's excellent and enthusiastic teaching opened up a whole new approach to composing. Fantastic supporting material and the live interactivity with the tutor and the rest of the group made it a very rewarding and stimulating experience"
Gill Robinson
Workshop Participant

What will you learn?

• How to identify and overcome common roadblocks stopping you from composing, or even attempting it!

• Qualities of a good melody

• The surprisingly simple compositional structure behind even the most complicated looking and sounding pieces, such as Julia Florida by Augustin Barrios

• Your identity as a musician

• How to identify and separate accompaniment from melody in polyphonic music

• How to create a canvas for your composition which will give you direction and a clear path to completion

Feb 3rd, 7pm - 9pm AEDT 2021

What will you receive?

• Private link to attend the LIVE 2 hour Workshop via ZOOM

• Four PDF Booklets

• Video replay so you can rewatch as many times as you like!

Two ebooks containing 16 stunning pieces for classical guitar!


Q. Is this the same as your 4 week Introduction to Composition Course?

A. This workshop "Compositional Empowerment" is the first lecture in our 4 week course. It acts as a perfect introduction to composing!

If participants wish to take things further, we encourage them to join the remaining sessions in the full 4 week course.

You will be offered the option to upgrade to the full 4 week course at checkout.

However, if you wish to only join this one workshop, we guarantee you will learn a lot and be equipped with some great tools to begin composing!

Q. Is this only for classical guitarists?

A. The principals apply to any instrument! Although it is tailored towards classical guitar, we have had piano, saxophone, harp and violin players participate in and enjoy this workshop!

"I did not know what to expect and I was rather uncertain because my guitar skills are limited and did this course using my harp. I found Dan’s teaching was excellent and could be applied to just about any instrument. I have learnt a new skill and have had a great time.
Shirley Allot

Feb 3rd, 7pm - 9pm AEDT 2021

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Dan
I love the classical guitar and am drawn to its unique array of colors and sounds. When I was young, my dad played at home a lot and started teaching me what he was playing - the first piece I learned was Spanish Romance and I loved it!

And now? I got my undergrad degrees in Melbourne and Doctor of Music in the USA. I've spent years researching old guitar methods to figure out the secrets of how composers like Sor, Giuliani, Tarrega, Barrios, etc. thought about music and practiced their instrument.

​In the process, this has unlocked many undiscovered techniques and models that give guitarists a platform and clear path to composition. ​I hope these old traditions will empower you to compose and help bring new life to your guitar playing!

I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Meet your co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Michael.
I'm the one behind everything you see at the Melbourne Guitar Festival!

I organise a yearly concert series, an annual 3 day international guitar festival, plus educational courses and workshops!

I am also a professional musician myself, and play with the Melbourne Guitar Quartet!

These workshops and courses that Daniel teaches are just brilliant! I am always overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and enthusiasm from all participants.

I'm really excited to welcome you to join us!

If you have ever thought about attempting composition, but are not sure where or how to begin, then do join us on Feb 3rd for this life changing experience!

Compositional Empowerment

Revolutionize the way you Think and Approach Composition

• Live 2 Hour Lecture
• PDF Materials
• Lifetime Access to Video Replay

Feb 3rd, 7pm - 9pm AEDT 2021


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