12 Practice Methods For Guitarists

Proven Ways To Accelerate Your Learning

Learn pieces faster and more securely whilst enjoying the process!


8 Short Pieces for Classical Guitar

Includes 8 stunning compositions for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classical guitarists!


8 More Short Pieces for Classical Guitar

Volume 2!

2nd - 31st Nov, 2020

Online Course

A Piece to Call Your Own

An in-depth course to take your composition skills to the next level

21st Nov, 2020

Online Masterclass

Discovering the Secrets of Tarrega:

A Masterclass on Lagrima

DEC 29th, 7PM AEDT, 2020

FREE Workshop

Daniel Nistico: Effective Practice

Never feel frustrated by practicing again - learn to love it instead!

JAN 22nd-24th, 2021

Effective Practice Bootcamp

An In-depth Look at 12 Practice Methods to Reduce Overwhelm and Frustration so you can Learn Pieces Quicker and More Securely!

FEB 1st -26th, 2021

Supercharge Your Practice

A step-by-step course designed to guide you through 12 highly effective practice methods you can apply NOW to make the progress in your instrumental practice you have always wanted!

3rd Feb, 7PM AEDT, 2021


Compositional Empowerment

Revolutionize the way you think and approach composition

Feb 3rd-27th, 2021

Online Course

Introduction to Composition

Learn to compose for classical guitar using a simple 4 step method, based on how the old masters learned to write music