Between Brazil and Morocco

June 13, 2020
7:00 pm
Melbourne AEST
Between Brazil and Morocco

In the Moroccan tradition “​Lala”​ is ​the ​respectful lady of the house. Born in Israel’s Galilee to Brazilian-Moroccan parents, LALA Tamar discovered the mystery of the ancient Ladino hymns of her heritage when she was in her early twenties. Ladino, and more specifically “Haqetiya”, a unique dialect spoken among the Jews of Spanish Morocco, perfectly fit Tamar’s hybrid identity; a woman rooted deeply in the cultural seam between Latin and Arab, jewish and muslim, between East and West.

Known for his soulful-melodious playing and passion for Afro-Samba, Dudi Shaul is a guitarist, composer, and teacher who has developed his own unique voice on the Spanish guitar. He explores the musical paths travelled between North Africa, Brazil and ancient Babylon, taking his playing beyond borders to a place that feels like home. With ancestry in Iraq and Poland, Dudi was born in Israel, grew up in Australia and is now based in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv.

Ben Franklin, is an Israeli drummer/percussionist. Born and raised in the culturally diverse environment that is Tel Aviv, and receiving a jazz education from an early age he mixes musical traditions from around the world into a new approach to percussive sound and groove making.

This concert will explore the musical identities of Brazil and Morocco, in an exclusive performance for the Melbourne Guitar Festival livestream concert series.