Derek Gripper

March 2, 2020
7:00 pm
Malmsbury Town Hall
Derek Gripper
Reserve Seat

”The result is astounding, not just for its technical brilliance, but its musicality…It’s hard to imagine a more impressive and passionate rendering of Malian music on classical guitar.” Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide 

Derek Gripper is a classical guitarist who has taken a unique path. As a South African classical musician he felt limited by the music of the traditional classical guitar and so went on a journey through different musical styles, returning always to the guitar to find ways of bringing what he learned onto the instrument.

This concert will explore the dialogue between the disparate styles that have informed his work to date: Kora, Bach, South African jazz, Contemporary Classical and large scale improvisations.

Quotations of Bach, Malian songs, virtuosic kora compositions, Southern African bow music, and avant-garde Brazilian guitar music combine to create a new solo guitar which is at once intimate and explosive, improvised and composed, traditional and new.