Gian Marco Ciampa

November 7, 2020
7:00 pm
Livestream Concert
Melbourne (AEDT)
Gian Marco Ciampa

This concert is a journey through the different languages and musical styles of Latin American countries with some of the most important composers of the last century.

The program opens with Villa-Lobos, a famous Brazilian composer closely linked to the tradition of his country: aspects of European classical music are here combined with Brazilian folklore and popular music in these three pieces that best represent his musical output.

It continues with four pieces by the Paraguayan Agustin Barrios, one of the first classical guitar players of which we have a vast musical catalogue in post-romantic style and the Mexican Manuel Ponce, friend and composer who revolved around the legendary Andrea Segovia, of which we find the “Variations on Cabezon’s Theme” which was the last piece ever written by Ponce.

The program ends with the only non-Latin American composer, the Italian Giulio Regondi, in homage to the country of origin of Gian Marco: one of the few composers of guitar romanticism Regondi was a great virtuoso, child prodigy and highly refined composer of great technical skills.

This program is sure to excite! Don’t miss out and book today! Tickets to view this concert are only $22 AUD