Andrea Gonzalez Caballero

November 21, 2020
11:00 am
Interactive Masterclass
Melbourne (AEDT)
Andrea Gonzalez Caballero

21ST NOV, 11AM AEDT, 2020

Discovering the Secrets of Tarrega:

A Masterclass on Lagrima

This interactive masterclass via ZOOM will explore the much loved “Lagrima” by Francisco Tarrega.

With Andrea’s expert guidance, you will learn her exact fingerings and secret insight into her phrasing to bring out the true beauty of this piece.

All participants will receive a copy of the score with Andrea’s fingerings, and a summary sheet with the most important points for you to focus on. Plus a video recording of the class to keep, so you can re-watch anytime you like!

All participants will be muted during the masterclass so you can play along without fear of being heard or disturbing the class. At the conclusion of the masterclass, there will be a Q+A so you can ask any specific questions you have!