MGQ – ‘Modern Masters’

February 2, 2020
2:00 pm
Shenton Performing Arts Centre
MGQ – ‘Modern Masters’
Reserve Seat

As Melbourne’s leading guitar ensemble, Melbourne Guitar Quartet’s (MGQ’s) blend of innovative arrangements, technical flair and superb ensemble playing place it as a brilliant addition to Australia’s musical landscape.

Through MGQ’s unique guitar family instrumentation of classical bass, baritone, standard, treble and octave guitars, it has worked tirelessly towards establishing itself as a guitar quartet unlike any other with self-penned re-workings of established classics and a passion for newly commissioned works. MGQ embodies a vibrant and dynamic onstage musical persona that has amassed diverse audience appeal since their formation in 2005, captivating avid lovers of chamber music and guitar aficionados alike, as well as leaving concert first-timers fascinated by its unique musical approach. With MGQ at the helm, guitar performance is set to be transformed as the four guitarists continue to explore the world of their instrument as you have never heard or seen before.

Revealing the influence of era-defining modern composers on guitar, Melbourne Guitar Quartet captures the beauty and mysticism entwined within Arvo Pärt’s Fratres and Vasks’ Quartet No.4, the strong rhythmic drive and rich textures of Robert Davidson and the unmistakable wistful essence of Philip Glass, with inimitable arrangements and memorable interpretations.

At the conclusion of the 60min concert, everyone is invited to join the Melbourne Guitar Quartet for a special meet and greet!